Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on us...AND a story to make a momma cry!!

Copied from a post off of facebook....
BY: Billy Jenny Matthews
My job as a coach is to put everything I can into the kids and give

them the best possible chance to win. My second grade football team

is truly amazing. There parents are just as amazing. My kids are the

best coached team on the field every single week. Not going unnoticed by

the other teams coaches and the refs that ref the game. I always get told

after every game by the other coaches and the refs. that my football team

is the best coached team they have ever seen on the field including at the

sixth grade level. My football team gives me everything they got. I get more

out of those kids than there parents ever expected. The loses we have were

by 6 points or so. We have never not been in the game even when we play

the big schools. My kids understand that a win is not what the scoreboard

says but is what we did as a team that day. My kids will fight there hearts out

against any team. They think there the best and one of the things I coach to

them is no one is better than them. I don't want them to ever think someone is

better than them. That's a horrible message. The second grade team is relentless

and there work ethic is second to none. I'm proud to be there coach and

proud to be a part of there life. Let me tell you were on of my wins was on a

game we lost on the score board. We played Argyle last week which is a very

very good football team. We were down 14 to 6 in the fourth quarter with a few

minutes left in the game. We got the ball and were moving it very good. One of my

players got hurt. His leg got hurt and in total tears he got up and came back to the

huddle. I can see the pain in his eyes. The tears were rolling down his face.

HE WAS IN PAIN. I wanted to take him out of the game. I told him he needed

to go to the side lines. He said while in tears and crying "coach I can do it" I said

rendyn your hurt son and its ok you have played your heart out. He said " coach

please let me run the ball again I can do it" it took every thing I had to hold my

tears back because at that moment I knew that young man understood his value.

At that point my father instincts kicked in and I decided to let him go. I said rendyn

we need 13 yards for the first down. He said I will get them coach I know I can.

I said are you sure son. HE SAID YES SIR!!!!!! Still in tears. We ran the play and

he accomplished his goal. He got the first down. Its NEVER the wins and losses.

You could not pay any amount of money for that one moment.

This young man overcame, pain, adversity, and committed to himself to be a winner.


This was a story told by Rendyn's football coach in response to some parents being upset due to the fact that the scoreboard at the end of Boyd PEE WEE football games wasnt reflecting wins. This made me proud not only for the obvious fact that IM TOTALLY PROUD OF MY SON and AM BY FAR HIS BIGGEST FAN. But it made me proud that his coach stood up for our team as he did and explained that winning isn't always measure in numbers! Dusty and I instill alot of old fashion morals and values in our babies and this just proves that THEY ARE WORKING!


*******As for my other pride n joys*******

Jett is growing and TALKING more and more every single second! It is totally unbelievable how they go one minute from a baby to a full blown human able to communicate and take on the world! I love it! And wouldn't trade it for the world. He is totally obsessed with "vroom vrooms" and "boars" and "bulls"......not to interrupt he is totally obsessed with dirtbikes, horses, and bulls :) I love this lil man more than life itself! Thank you God for placing him in my arms!!

Harper Macrea Lamance is steadily growing in HER mommys tummy. YES I said HER.... At 16 weeks Dr. Kyle said he would sure bet on a girl if he had to. So October 5th we will know for sure but from our sonos in the ambulance (yes I have one and YES I cheat) and Dr. Kyles professional opinion we have had the strong suspicion for quite sometime that we would be adding a HAMBURGER to our supply of HOT DOGS!!! Which we are in total shock and even scared...BUT its sinking in and we are gonna LOVE her up.

As for Dusty and me....we are GREAT!! LIfe is still crazy, he is still putting up with a stressed hormonal nursing student full time employed wife and YES I'm still impatient as hell and want everything YESTERDAY. We love each other through it all and somehow find the way out of the worst days.... we have chose to grow on them. Nothing else to do with them, you can't prevent them they are gonna be there so we just might as well welcome them, fight like hell through them, yell and scream....THEN GET BACK TO LOVIN......the BEST part.

Anywho...I'm in the middle of HOMEWORK of course and that post by Rendyns coach made me so proud I forced myself to take a break and update you all on my whole lil family that I love with all my heart and soul :)

Thanks for READING!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who's counting anyways.....

1st came Rendyn :) he changed my whole outlook, my attitude, my ambitions. Truly showed me the light in what had been the midst of the darkest times of my life. The reason for being and the light of my life. His sense of humor, his wittiness, his outgoing personality, the way he lights up any room. He is my saving grace. This fella has grown with me in almost every sense of the word. And I appreciate him for everything he has taught me; it may sound odd to you that a 7 year old can teach his mommy so much. Well odd as it may sound; I wouldn't be where I am today with the lessons he has given me. To see Dusty with him and to see him with Dusty; is my every dream come true.

#2...well this was Jett. He reminded me what it was like to know the true meaning of loving a gift from God. He came to me in a total different era of my life - Dusty, me and Rendyn had started our family....Jett united us. Having a baby at 29 is totally different than at 23. He is my special, I love this lil man. He is strong, he is independent...he is his mommys lil boy and I love every ounce. He taught me that my heart was and IS in fact room enough for two. I am able to enjoy Jett and cherish him; he taught me what it is like to truly love his daddy from the bottom depths of my soul. To see Dusty in him; melts my heart every single time. Jett came to me when my life was coming together. Dusty and I weren't married yet; but Rendyn found this family long before I ever knew God had the Lamance's planned for us. We were settling down moving forward with our life together :)

So #3? Who might this be? Yes I said it.....the lil bean is on its way :) We are ecstatic to add to our family!! We are married; we planned it; our life is simple; our life is settled. What more is there to say? I know this baby will have lessons and quirks of its own for me to love and appreciate and I am ANXIOUSLY anticipating the arrival of each one of them...... We are due around March 5th.... So yes in the words of my mother n law "I am 30 minutes pregnant."

We will see how I do at blogging this one...the last two haven't been so successful....but I promise to TRY to find the time :) I want to share our joy :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy, Happy - Joy Joy

Well yesterday dusty and I had the worst fight EVER.
Seriously went down in history, we almost ran for our lives (seperate ways)
I feel horrible and I'm sure he does too. I love him so much and I can't have my life without him in it.

Marriage is horribly difficult.....but SO worth it.

Stress just got to us both. Well, ME mostly so I thru a hissy and then he followed mine with his own hissy. Whew those are so much worse than mine.

Last night my boys decided not to take a bath with each other.
Jett said, "Momma" when Bubba asked him to take a bath so that is just where he landed.....bath with Momma (as usual)

But when Bubba got in the bath Jett decided he would change his mind....He needed in there or at least he needed to be a part of his bubbas bath in some way.

So they had a water fight. YES a water fight. It was huge and Jett was soaked.

O well they had fun, right? Guess having cement floors has its perks. :/ happy happy joy joy

Jett was belly laughing...that was the best part of it all.

Rendyn and Jett are so close and I am very fortunate. Although, in the beginning the strive for Rendyn to get more attention than Jett did have its days... but all in all Rendyn has loved him so much and takes care of him.....and I love it. Happy happy joy joy

Rendyn is Jett's #1 fan.

I love my family :)

And I love my husband even more. I hate it when we are angry and say horrible things...and believe me I can say some horrible things. Mommy had to sleep by her self and dad was on the couch. YES, IT WAS NOT A HAPPY SUNDAY AT THE LAMANCE HOUSE. My babies never knew it though. Well Jett got a little of it, Rendyn had no idea. For the most part they never knew anything was different. Keeping my family together is my most important task....I'm a work in progress. I am an only child and used to having things just my way. I can admit that. But I never want to lose my husband or what we have worked hard for. OUR FAMILY......

Well this morning.........

Jett pooped in the potty all by himself!! He went into the bathroom and I heard him putting his potty chair on the potty...IT WAS AWESOME!!! He was so excited. We told bubba, we called daddy and WE CELEBRATED!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY

I had to whip Rendyn..ugh. o the joys of being a mommy. We can be so happy one minute and the next minute the total opposite extreme.

This talking back biz, Mommy don't play that. He will learn. Happy Happy Joy Joy

So we are off to Oklahoma to see Papa before his knee replacement surgery on Wednesday....Please pray that everything goes well and that he makes a full recovery. God takes care of my family and I know that. And with your prayers and everybody pulling for him, hopefully there will be no real problems.

The reality of it is...he isn't in the best of health and he will be 80 this year. My Papa is a very special man to me.

"I thought that he walked on water" by Randy Travis is the song that completely describes how I look at my Papa and the way I feel for him. There is no other man like him.....

O reality.....please don't show yourself now.

So its off to Oklahoma we go.........wish us luck.
Maybe it will be a good long 3 hour nap for my boys :)

Ya right, wishful thinking.

Friday, May 20, 2011

O Rainy Day Woman......

Jett wore my panties around his waste today...the rain must have really got to him.

I did manage to get EVERY single piece of laundry done (well with the exception of a few here and there)......that is greatness.

99% of it is even tucked nicely way where it belongs......NOW that is relief
So thank you God for the rain, the Lamance house has been productive ..... semi

If you count the 2 hour nap piled up with mom and dad in the bed...sleeping for 2 hours with BOTH big bull and lil bull to cuddle with....what a day for Mr. Jett

While we were snoozing my AWESOME Taco soup was cooking....THANKS to Holly Erwin :)

Although I did tweak the recipe slightly, it was totally YUM YUM to the TUM TUM
So I thought I would share the recipe:

2 lb hamburger meat - cooked
2 cans of corn
2 cans of stewed tomatoes
1 can rotel
1 can of green chiles
add a little water
**mix all together and let look in crock pot for about an hour***
serve hot with chips and cheese

Hope you enjoy!!
Then to top off this wonderful day..............

God answers prayers :) God gives relief :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Makes for a brighter day

I'm finally home from work.....exhausted but totally relieved. Nothing better to come home to that I can think of, anyway. I have my rock, my support, my best friend and lover, our provider and the one we can depend on.

God has truly blessed more ways than one

Yesterday was a rough day for me and I prayed......talked to God more than once.

Usually I thank him for all the many blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family, give thanks for my family, my health, and my friends.
The last two days have been humbling, I was weak....I knew he would be there so I turned to him.

This morning I awoke with such a feeling of refreshment,
Cleansed, if you will

A sort of, READY to tackle the world kind of feeling.

Its amazing, really, isn't it?

What God can do for you..........and me

So together we have decided that from today on I, with his help and guidance, am gonna look on the bright side....... when I find I am feeling overwhelmed and my day seems as though its going to the dogs......

I'm gonna remind myself to smile.....

Funny how a dog can teach you such a simple lesson....just by calling his name.

I thought he had ran away, I called and called for him. "Preacher." "Preacher!" Of course, I called Dusty hoping that he had taken him to work. But he hadnt. I hung up the phone and began again but this time in a state of panic. And out from under the camper he came. Running, almost as if he were playing a funny joke. Then he SMILED! As he always does, but today this morning it was a different kind of smile. A smile that created a wonderful feeling inside of was like a reminder from God for me to SMILE, all will be well.

Thanks for that Preacher, mom needed it :)

My favorite verse of all times and the one that always pops in my head "dog days" like yesterday...

1 Peter 5:7

Casting all you care upon him; for he careth for you....

The hard part is remembering to do this and NOT attempt to handle it all by myself....but I'm a work in progress......

This lil boy is DONE.......and so am I

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a relief...

I do love these boys :)
After my down and out blog this morning and whining to all of you. (by the way I could have gone on and on with my rambling) lucky for yall I do have some self control. After months of frustration and unsuccessfully trying to convince Jett that "Nani" was NOT "mommy". After months of feeling sorry for myself and convinced I was a horrible mom and about to be a thing of his past due to the STUPID thing called NURSING SCHOOL.........

My momma called me to tell me that tonight at the Rendyn's baseball game JETT STARTED CALLING HER NANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He only slipped up twice with the whole momma thing....but that I can handle. WHEW.......

THANK you THANK you THANK back to tackle the rest of the 35.5 hours I have left of work.

Sorry...down and out

Just sitting here struggling to make it thru yet another 48 hour shift. I realized this whole blog thing has been WAY MORE than NEGLECTED.....its hard for me. I hate it that it is because I truly enjoy blogging; sharing my kids and our journey with everyone that knows and loves us is probably my most favorite thing. It makes me down right mad that it doesn't come easier for me.....time wise.

Today I have a blog for ya...a sort of whining, moaning, groaning kinda blog. Maybe a "feeling sorry for myself" one or maybe its a "missing my family horribly while I'm stuck at work for 2 days" kinda thing. Either goes

Started nursing school in January....NCTC Gainseville. Of course yes I have done it bass ackwards; like I have managed to do with most of my life :) I wanted to do it for my family; for our future; so we can build a house; so we can be more stable financially - yes the old cliche. But MOST of all I want to be at home with my kids at night, I want to be able to be a normal mommy and wife. Come home cook dinner, do homework, bathe and rock my babies to sleep each and every night of my life (after nursing school) Don't get me wrong I truly love my job as a paramedic and being the strong, positive part of someone's weakest moment is more rewarding than any other job I can think of...especially knowing that I can go to them and be with them in their own environment (they don't have to drive or be transported to me). BUT....right now I am stretched. I am stretched beyond lengths, limits, amounts, miles, minutes, counties (whatever works best there for ya).


Standing by while......Jett cries for "daddy" or "nani" instead of me; missing half of rendyns sports games or having him ask me when I am home IF I will be there in the morning when he wakes up. I was always the one that was constant for my babies and NOW I am only a sometimes, when I can, if I can and not right now, be quiet kinda mom.

It breaks my heart that its NO big deal to Jett when he sees me walk out the door or that Rendyn would rather be at Nani's house than his own because everything and everybody is so unsettled at such a delicate time in his life.

My house looks like a complete and total disaster, when I am home I want to spend that time with my boys instead of concentrating on cleaning. For whatever reason....the fairy never visits my house

Looking forward to this 3 week break only to make out my work schedule and find that i'll be on the ambulance 14 out of my 21 days off from school. AND THAT IS 24 hour days; NOT the normal 8 hour and go home kinda days. Having to miss out on field day, water day, awards banquet, last baseball games, picking up and taking my 1st grader to school on the very final days of this chapter in his life. Missing all the little things that mister Jett is doing each and every day.... seeing most of them thru pictures sent to me by Dusty and Nani.

Don't get me wrong my husband is my rock and I could never make it thru all of this without him. Second to him is my momma (Nani)

I am a total basket case, grouchy, old hag to my boys every day because my stress level is thru the roof..........................pray for me

BUT it will be worth it one of these days, RIGHT?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I feel like a stranger .....

It's been so long! Sorry about this everyone, got all wrapped up in.....LIFE.

I will sum up the past couple of I can't believe it. What a slacker I have been....

Things get crazy and of course this is the first thing to be put on the back burner. Don't think I don't think about it because I do everyday, but thinking about it and getting to it are way TWO different things.

Let's's been since before the Holidays that I blogged last.

I gave Dusty a surprise birthday party. HE TURNED THE BIG 3-0!!! It was alot of fun. We had a band and lots of beer. So many people showed up. It was a complete success!

This was Dusty's cake I had made for him :) It turned out so good!

Well our first holiday season as a family of four couldn't have been better! I always worried what it would be like and how I could feel the same love for a second baby but hey I GOT THIS.

Thanksgiving was great we spent the day out at Brandi and Tim's with the Lamance family. Things couldn't have been better, my parents came out there since our family is so small. It is just me and them, me and them, and me and them :) Well now of course thanks to me, I have added 3 boys to our small unity. Which my DAD loves the idea, seeing how this out numbers the women after he has spent 27 years being out numbered by the women.

And Christmas was even better!!!! I worked Christmas Eve on the ambulance in the SNOW... but we were able to attend the family get together at my parents house with my dad's family. It was amazing how we had a white Christmas. Rendyn had been asking all year for a white Christmas and it was so special to see the look on his face when he found out we were gonna have one. A GOOD ONE TOO!!! Christmas morning was a one-of-a-kind. My relief came in for me at 6:30 am so I could get home for Santa Claus well the roads were so bad I decided to call my parents to come get me since my Dad has a 4-wheel drive and my slick tires would get NO traction. I was stressed from the beginning, so scared that Rendyn was gonna wake up before I got there and NO VIDEO CAMERA OR DIGITAL CAMERA OR MOMMY would be in sight. UGH. So I wait and wait and wait and wait...pacing the floors for my parents and one hour later they finally pull up (They ONLY live 10 minutes away on a normal day!)

Slipping and a sliding was the name of the game all the way home. We had just about made it cruising the back roads things were going good TTTHHHEEEEEENNNNN as if the sun already being up wasn't bad enough we got STUCK yep STUCK in the snow on the back road. It got stuck in the dual wheels of my dads dually and we got nowhere. yep NOWHERE. The funny thing of it all was that my Dad (who drives a Ford) was seconds away from having to call my husband (who drives a Dodge) hahahahahaaha the look on his face was priceless.

Needless to say Dusty came to the rescue and the Dodge prevailed :)

Finally we got back home, Santa came, Rendyn loved every minute of it and Jett got the hang of things alot better than I thought he would this year. It was so very special :) Dusty built Rendyn a clubhouse he had been asking for one...HE WAS SO SURPRISED!!! Jett well his favorite part was the ribbon on his presents; he could have done without everything else. It was stressful getting to the rest of the day but hey we made some wonderful memories and that's what will always be there. We have so much as a family to be thankful for. The most important part is to always thank God for what he has given us for he is the reason we get to celebrate this wonderful season.

We had breakfast at Brandi and Tim's; dinner was at my parents and then it was HOME AT LAST. AHHHHHHH.......

And dang it I wish I had my pictures here at work with me. So many I want to add.....never where I need them. Maybe I'll edit this later. Or maybe I won't. Nap time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Messy Face, Messy Face Whats your name?


To have a 5 month old baby sitting at our table in his high chair while we are eating dinner...hmmm....does this seem right???? NO! And it was almost too much for mommy to bear, yes you guessed it I puckered and I had a few tears I must admit. WOW!! He is growing into a big boy right before our eyes!

I remember when Rendyn was little I was so excited to start this stage, to see his face, to get to pick out different baby foods for him to chase, and to find out what his favorites might be. But not this time, I honestly believe I would be fine with going to Kindergarten to feed Jett "boob." And that is so WRONG! I CANNOT DO THAT!! Breastfeeding with both of my boys is has been the one thing I have been passionate about. Yes Rendyn might be a lil smarty mouth or might ask for things a hundred times after I tell him no and Jett probably knows that with the sound of one whimper I will pick him up or that all he has to do in the middle of the night is squirm and Mommy will be right there boob in hand and as you might know Im not totally passionate about alot of things but giving my babies the best I can and using the one gift GOD gave solely to us Mommies is something that I stand strong about. All my friends will tell you I try to shove the boob down their throat everytime they have a baby!!! NOT MY BOOB OF COURSE, but I guess I should say I try to shove their boob down their babies throat....haha anywho! I could spend all day on this soap box.

So after weeks of Dusty trying to convince me that Jett could not live the rest of his life on my boob alone. I GAVE IN!

On November 10, 2009 Jett has his first taste of something besides Mommy milk! It was a huge bitter sweet moment!! How in the world does this happen so fast? I mean one moment he sleeps 23 hours a day and cant even hold his head up and now he is grabbing everything and EATING FOOD!!! OK OK get over it already mom!! I know.....

He didn't know about it at first. The faces were priceless!! We videoed him and for once I can't wait to watch it and hear my husband! He totally sounded like a gushy wushy daddy....I usually play the part of the video idiot but tonight he took the cake! I love this man!! Mom fed him, Dad fed him, and even brother had to have his turn!

It was GREAT!!

Since then we have had carrots, which he did not know too much about!!
And we have tried the sweet potatoes, which he loved!!!

And O the Daddys....sometimes I wonder who might be the bigger baby in this family!! Gotta go.....for today :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rendyns View

Definition of birth control - you birth it; then you control it

Mom I want to be #42 when I play high school football. Dad says, "why son?"
Rendyns says, "Because thats how high I can count."

HAHA.....Just wanted to bring a smile to your face today :)

And these are the days of our lives...........................